BCCBF – Bangladesh Construction Companies Business Forum is the national voice for the Bangladeshi construction industry representing contractors, suppliers, and allied business professionals working in, or with, Bangladesh’s heavy civil, institutional, commercial, and industrial construction industry.


BCCBF represents a significant number of firms through its three major membership structures. We could not meet our mission to inspire a progressive, innovative, and sustainable construction industry without our members.


Let’s Build A Better Bangladesh.

Your Benefits

What you will be getting by joining BCCBF

BCCBF member firms enjoy a wide range of benefits that gives their organizations a competitive advantage and helps their team members be their very best.

Legislative Support

BCCBF represents our members at the Bangladesh Legislature issues important to our membership. We also help with interpreting public works statures and complaints about public bid procedures.

Education Programs

BCCBF provides outstanding, highly subsidized education programs that are targeted specifically to our industry.

Networking Events

BCCBF offers membership luncheons with informative speakers. Additionally, the forum holds a major conference every two years, and annual events of various kinds.

Safety Support

Through quarterly safety forums, safety audits, access to safety consultations and more, BCCBF provides members a comprehensive safety program that is unique, cohesive, and effective and designed to support our members’ long-standing commitment to workplace safety.

Academic Relations

The scale of demand for skills across the construction industry is starting to exceed capacity, particularly in engineering occupations. To address the challenges and gaps around career progression and development of construction engineers, the BCCBF has collaborated with several Institutes and Training Centers.

BCCBF Resources

Contractors who become members of BCCBF are able to take full advantage of their many resources and services.


Bulletins are sent to members regularly via email.

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