BCCBF – Bangladesh Construction Companies Business Forum, the leading national trade association for the construction sector, has been serving the interests of the construction industry of the country since its inception.

BCCBF membership also covers a vast portion of small and medium companies that work with the forum for guidance and continuous support.

BCCBF’s aims and objectives include Trade Facilitation and business promotion in the construction industry; encouraging the advancement of research; facilitation of education, employment, and growth of the Bangladesh economy. In line with these goals, BCCBF works with the Government of Bangladesh to formulate policies and procedures in the construction sector and offer a portfolio of services to the construction community of Bangladesh.

BCCBF has been working in close cooperation with the Bangladesh Government to create a Construction industry-friendly environment.

Benefits of BCCBF Membership

Legislative Support

BCCBF represents our members at the Bangladesh Legislature issues important to our membership. We also help with interpreting public works statures and complaints about public bid procedures.

Education Programs

BCCBF provides outstanding, highly subsidized education programs that are targeted specifically to our industry.

Networking Events

BCCBF offers membership luncheons with informative speakers. Additionally, the forum holds a major conference every two years, and annual events of various kinds.

Safety Support

Through quarterly safety forums, safety audits, access to safety consultations and more, BCCBF provides members a comprehensive safety program that is unique, cohesive, and effective and designed to support our members’ long-standing commitment to workplace safety.

Academic Relations

The scale of demand for skills across the construction industry is starting to exceed capacity, particularly in engineering occupations. To address the challenges and gaps around career progression and development of construction engineers, the BCCBF has collaborated with several Institutes and Training Centers.

BCCBF Resources

Contractors who become members of BCCBF are able to take full advantage of their many resources and services.


Bulletins are sent to members regularly via email.

Membeship Categories

General Membership

Those who have operational experience of more than 2 years. The Company which has more than 4 (four) years of age with three work orders is encouraged to apply for General Category Membership.

Associate Membership

Those who have operational experience from 0 months to 2 years. In case of a new company/start-up, less than 2 (two) years of age are encouraged to apply for Associate Category Membership.

Affiliate Membership

All the supporting businesses to the construction industry would be considered as Affiliate Members.

International Membership

Only the following two conditions will be applied for determining the International category of membership:

I) If the company is enlisted in the foreign Stock Exchange.
ii) If the majority shareholder of the company is enlisted in the foreign Stock Exchange.


Any firm or company thereof registered or incorporated in Bangladesh and conducting business in Construction Industry is eligible to apply for membership provided:

  • Its main activity is in the development and/or supporting of Construction Projects;
  • It performs this activity for commercial purposes
  • Applicant Company requires submitting work order or business experience for General Membership.

Membership Enrollment Process

To enroll as a Member (General, Associate, Affiliate, and International) of BCCBF, the following process has to follow:

1. Sign-up to the BCCBF website.
2. Fill-up the Application Form for Membership.
3. One references from member companies.

Terms & Conditions of Referral process of the BCCBF Membership Approval:

The referee company will get an email with a unique approval link, which will be valid for 48 hours. If the referee company is not approving Applicant Company, they can be changing the referee company’s name after 48 hours. After approval of the reference, the applicant company will receive a confirmation email. If the applicant company wants to change the referee company’s name, they must email to services@bccbf.org for changing the referee company name during session time (48 hours).

Important Note:

– One person can refer only once in a single membership form, whether he/she represents 1 or more companies.
– If the new member company’s owner/director/shareholder is the BCCBF representative from a different company, he/she cannot refer to his/her own company.
– The Members of the BCCBF Executive Council cannot give reference to any new Company.

4. Fees/Payment can be paid online and/or offline through BCCBF’s designated payment channels.
5. Company Inspection.

Documents Required


All Papers must be attached with the online application form. After receiving the application form, the Membership Department of BCCBF will check the documents and communicate with the applicant’s company for the official inspection. After the inspection, the application will be reviewed by the BCCBF Membership Board Sub-committee. Then it will go to the BCCBF Executive Council for final approval.

Important Notes To Follow

Fee Structure

The current fee structure for BCCBF membership are as follows (as per the respective clauses of BCCBF MoA):

Admission Fee: BDT. 25,000
Annual Subscription: BDT. 25,000

Admission Fee: BDT. 15,000
Annual Subscription: BDT. 15,000

Admission Fee: BDT. 30,000
Annual Subscription: BDT. 30,000

Admission Fee: USD 3,000
Annual Subscription: USD. 3,000

Membership Certificate

Every member of the forum will obtain its membership certificate after clearing the annual fee and completing (up to-90%) their company profile at the BCCBF website (through their company profile). After that, they have to place a request for the membership certificate. Members will find the soft-copy of the membership certificate on their member dashboard. After 3-5 working days, they can receive the hardcopy of the membership certificate from the BCCBF Secretariat. Please note that you may pay all your fees or any service charges online and/or offline through BCCBF’s designated payment channels.

Membership Dues

Regarding Membership dues, the following clauses of the Articles of the Association will be applicable for all Members:

  • Annual membership subscription is payable in advance for a calendar year in full and becomes due on the first of January of each year and is payable before the end of February of that year provided that the annual subscription of new members will be computed on a monthly pro-rata basis from the month of approval of membership by the Council.
  • In cases where, in the opinion of the Council, unusual expenditure or commitments may become necessary in furtherance of the objectives or interests of the association or its Members, the Council shall be empowered to levy from the Members on the equitable basis such additional sum or sums..
  • Any member in arrears for 6 (six) months in payment of his annual subscription and levies shall be disqualified from taking part in any proceeding of the forum.

Cessation of Membership

Regarding Cessation of Membership dues, the following clauses of the Articles of the Association will be applicable for all Members:

  1. If any member fails to pay the annual subscription or levy within 6 (Six) months of the due date, a final notice shall be sent to such member requesting payment of the amount due within two (2) months. In default of payment within such period, the name of the member shall be deleted from the Register.
  2. If in the opinion of the Council, any member has by reason of breach of or non-compliance with the Articles, or otherwise, disability to be a member of the Association, he shall be invited to show cause with thirty (30) days from the date of notice as to why his name should not be removed from the Register. If the member fails to show cause within accordance with the notice, or if the Council is of the opinion that the member has failed to establish continued eligibility, the name of such member shall be removed from the Register.
  3. A member may resign from the Association at any time by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the Executive Director of his intention to resign and the resignation shall take effect upon the expiry of the notice, but without prejudice to any liability or obligation incurred by him while he was a member.
  4. The council shall have power by resolution to expel from membership of the Association any member who, in the opinion of the Council, is guilty of professional misconduct or has committed a breach of the provisions of the Articles of Association, after providing reasonable opportunity to such member to show cause against such expulsion and after receiving from him a statement or explanation in writing.

A member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Association:

  • In case a member defaults in paying his subscription according to terms of Rule (1) hereof.

  • In case a member resigns in the manner laid down in Rule (3) hereof

  • In case a member who is an individual, if he is adjudged insolvent or shall make a composition or scheme of arrangement under the insolvency Acts or if he is adjudged by a competent court to be of unsound mind or if he is convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude; in the event of his death or being found guilty of a criminal offense.

  • In case a member who is a firm. If it is dissolved or adjudged insolvent or shall make a composition or scheme of arrangement under the insolvency Acts, or the partners as such are convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude.

  • In case a member who is company, if it goes into liquidation.

  • In the event that at any time such member shall not be actively engaged in the business relating the construction industry within the scope of the Association. This provision shall not apply to members who, pursuant to an order of the Government of Bangladesh or any Agency thereof have temporarily discontinued the services in the Construction Industry within the scope of the Association.

  • Except as herein after provided, a firm shall not cease to be a member by reason only of a change in the constitution of the firm occasioned by the admission, retirement of death of a partner, provided the business of the firm is continued in the conventional name in which such firm was elected a member.

  • A firm, company, corporation or body corporate shall not cease to be a member of the Association upon any change being made in the conventional or corporate name of the firm, company or corporate..

  • In case member suffers from any disability incapacity or disability or disqualification as provided in these articles.

The subscription/fees paid by the members of the association are not refundable on cessation of membership.

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